Listen to Nicola Matthews of Tony’s Chocolonely Podcast with Women In the Food Industry

Our co-founder, Mecca Ibrahim, chatted to Nicola Matthews UK and Ireland Marketing Manager of Tony’s Chocolonely who are working toward 100% slave-free chocolate

Our friend James Haywood from OpenKitchen made part of our interview into a short podcast where you can hear Nicola discuss Tony’s story and mission to make the chocolate industry a fairer place, who she finds inspiring in the food and business world  and how she markets the product with no above the line advertising.

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You can read our full interview with Nicola Matthews here. You can also listen to our previous podcast with Luciana Berry our podcast with Stosie Madi from The Parkers Arms and our podcast with Katie Chesney Head of Marketing of the STK Steakhouse group of restaurants in  EMEA and our podcast with Renée Elliott founder of Planet Organic here.

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