We’re passionate about food – and about celebrating and championing the millions of women who work in every part of the industry.

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This pioneering new initiative is the place for each and every woman in the food industry to tell their story, to be heard and be given equal respect. This is a place where all women in the food industry can come together to celebrate, communicate and collaborate.
None of us is stronger than all of us. Together, anything is possible.

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Friends and food lovers, Mex Ibrahim and Janie Ash. Their heartfelt desire is to nurture and support women in the food industry.
In a male-dominated industry, our purpose is to bring women to the forefront to tell their stories and to show collaboration beats competition.

We believe the culture has to change toward gender equality. We’ll do this by empowering women and shining a spotlight on the industry. It’s about creating and celebrating a network of women – the more we come together, the greater the change.

Because positive collaboration is a beautiful—and delicious—thing

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Sustainable Gastronomy Day Panel & Supper – Women In the Food Industry

We work with so many amazing women in the food industry who have sustainability at the core of their business models or have been making them as sustainable as possible and wanted to celebrate the efforts of the UN in creating Sustainable Gastronomy Day. On the evening of the 18th June 2019 you can join us for an insightful and delicious night.

Cookery School, 15 Little Portland St, Marylebone, London W1W 8BW


International Women’s Day – RSA Rawthmells Friday Conversations

At 2pm join Mecca Ibrahim FRSA, co-founder of Women in The Food Industry, to explore issues common to women working in the field of food, from professional restaurants, hospitality, food, drink, farming, food journalism and blogging, right through to food photography.

The Steps, Rawthmells Coffeehouse, RSA House, 8 John Adam Street. London. WC2N 6EZ


International Women’s Day – Pioneering Women in the Food Industry

To close our celebrations of championing women in the food industry, on International Women’s Day we will be talking to some women who are trailblazers and pioneers in their field.

We will uncover their amazing journeys and some of the issues they feel are facing women in the food industry today and whether this has changed over time.

RSA - The Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ


Women in Food Photography

Calling all foodies, food photographers and food bloggers!

We invite you to meet & learn from phenomenal food photographer of the year, Jade Sarkhel, award winning blogger Rosana McPhee and the fun and talented @MyLegoMan in our Food Photography panel discussion and workshop.

Market Halls, 472 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1BY


Doing Good With Food

We welcome you to our panel discussion themed around Doing Good with Food, Sustainability and Food Waste. The panel with discuss food as a source for good, from a sustainability angle this means how we should try to use resources wisely, not damage the planet with how we package food and what we can do to eliminate food waste. We will also explore how working with food can educate us. 

Soane's Kitchen, Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, London W5 6BE


Women in Food and Drink

We invite you to join us for a panel discussion and tasting experience ahead of International Women’s Day. A panel of leading influential women in wine, beer, whiskey & food, chaired by Andi Oliver, will discuss why drink is such an integral part of the food industry.

You will have the opportunity to ask them questions but also take part in a tasting of wine, beer & whiskey that has been expertly paired with food by plant based chef Bettina Campolucci.

Vantage Point, 2 Junction Road, London, N19 5FF


Scottish Women In Food

Scottish Women In Food – A panel discussion We invite you to join us for a panel discussion to hear first hand from some inspiring women in food who are committed to empowering others. Hosted by Fiona Richmond, we shall be discussing the broader theme of #BalanceforBetter amongst other topics ahead of International Women’s Day.

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School


How Food Changed My Life

You are invited for an afternoon of inspiring stories from a line up of empowering women in the food and drink industry. We will discuss the panellists’ amazing stories and how they were able to turn their lives around with opportunities that came their way.

We’ll also explore any particular issues our panel feel face them as women in the food industry and how they might expect or hope for those issues to change going forward.

The AllBright Collective, 11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR



Introducing Stitches In Time’s Food Enterprise Project

Stitches in Time is a community arts, education and enterprise charity based in East London. They are launching an exciting new Food Enterprise Project with Bangladeshi women in Tower Hamlets from September to December this year.  The aim is to practically support innovative & creative ideas to help into employment people living in a borough with the greatest levels of inequality in the country. We are delighted to help them with their mission to demonstrate that Bengali women too can work in the food industry. Find out more in an introductory video we helped to produce with Aida Khan of Shola Kitchen.

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Female Food Founders – Interview with Catherine Farinha Founder of The Chefs’ Forum

In the ninth of our series of Female Food Founders interviews we turn again to  education and training.  We met Catherine Farhina Founder of The Chefs’ Forum – an organisation that brings together leading chefs, colleges and food trade suppliers in the UK and beyond.  She also set up The Chefs’ Forum Educational Foundation to raise funds for young people in the hospitality industry. Our co-founder, Mecca Ibrahim, chatted with Catherine  about how she got into the hospitality business, the importance of developing young chefs and her food inspirations in the industry.

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Ruth Hansom Reaches Finals of Bocuse d’Or UK

We were delighted to hear there is finally a female chef in with a chance of representing the UK in the Bocuse d’Or, the world’s largest and most prestigious cooking contest. Head Chef, Ruth Hansom, of  Pomona’s on Hereford Road in Notting Hill has joined the line up of chefs who will compete in the Bocuse d’Or National Selection.

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Interview with Nokx Majozi Sous Chef at Holborn Dining Room

Feast your eyes on a veritable Aladdin’s Cave for pie lovers and one of most amazing Private Dining Rooms we have ever had the pleasure of being in. Our co-founder, Mecca Ibrahim, visited The Pie Room at Holborn Dining Room at the 5 Star Rosewood London Hotel to chat to Sous Chef, Nokx Majozi about her  inspirations, how professional kitchens are changing for the better changed since she has been working in London and what it’s like working with Executive Chef Calum Franklin.

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Lessons learnt from Anishya Kumar – Businesswoman of the Year in the British Indian Awards 2019

On July 26 Anishya Kumar of Zinda Foods won Businesswoman of the Year at the British Indian Awards 2019. We were delighted to hear this news, as our co-founder, Mecca Ibrahim, had interviewed her for our very first Female Food Founders series in May. We returned to her AirWrap factory in West Drayton to find out more about what we could learn from her win and what motivates her.

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Listen to Gemma Colao of OTO CBD’s Podcast with Women In the Food Industry

Our co-founder, Mecca Ibrahim, chatted to Gemma Colao Managing Director & Co-Founder of OTO CBD, a wellness company whose mission is to help people discover the power of CBD through thoughtful and effective products which can easily fit into their everyday lives.

Our friend James Haywood from OpenKitchen made part of our interview into a short podcast where you can hear Gemma discuss the challenges of marketing a product associated with cannabis, who she finds inspiring in the health, wellness and drinks industries and who is in the market for CBD infused drinks.

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Meet the Ceramicists – 3 Innovative Ceramic Artists to Watch

We eat as much with our eyes as our taste buds. As well as marvelling the colours and textures of a well presented dish of food,  the plate the food is served on can make a big difference to our enjoyment of a meal. We caught up with three talented ceramicists are have created dishes for the up-coming OpenKitchen dinner on August 21st.  Meet Lucia Ocejo, Bisila Noha and Capucine Giraud.

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Female Food Founders – Interview with Gemma Colao Managing Director & Co-Founder of OTO CBD Bitters

In the eighth of our series of Female Food Founders interviews we turn to the growing demand for cannabis infused drinks and the world of CBD – the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.  We met Gemma Colao Managing Director of OTO CBD a wellness company whose mission is to help people discover the power of CBD through thoughtful and effective products which can easily fit into their daily lives. Our co-founder, Mecca Ibrahim, chatted with Gemma about the regulations of marketing a product associated with cannabis, what the health benefits are and whether the market is really growing in the UK.

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