Victoria Stewart

Victoria Stewart – Freelance journalist, Founder of Hospitality Speaks & Insights Manager at Belazu

Victoria Stewart

Victoria Stewart is a former Evening Standard food editor & columnist with 10+ years’ experience writing and speaking about the consumer side of the food, drink & hospitality industry. Prior to that, she spent 6 years working as a part-time waitress at events and in pubs.

With the help of a small group of supporters and volunteers, she recently launched a new not-for-profit project called Hospitality Speaks.

Through her experience interviewing and researching the industry, Victoria has seen a great deal of operators who respect and protect their staff; she has also heard a huge number of stories of sexual harassment, racial and homophobic discrimination, predatory behaviour, and talented people leaving the industry through exasperation and burnout. She hopes Hospitality Speaks will create a positive turning point for cultural change in the hospitality industry.

Victoria Stewart Group Shot

Alongside writing and research, she is a regular panel moderator and speaker and works on a number of food projects, including her role as Insights Manager at Belazu.

In 2018 she began coordinating AMP (A Meeting Place) along with Anna Sulan Masing and Romy Gill, a digital zine which aims to amplify female expertise in and around the broader discussion of food sustainability.

Victoria Stewart on food tour

Victoria spoke at our The Politics of Food Panel & Debate at City Hall & you would have discovered how her research and food journalism has led to her work on highlighting what isn’t working in the hospitality and food world but also putting a spotlight on better practice and thriving areas. Get a recap of what happened here!

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