Jess Latchford

Director of Waste Knot | We’re on a mission to save perfectly edible fresh produce from going to waste.

With over 10 years’ experience in the fresh produce industry, supplying directly into all types of catering outlets and working closely with farmers all over the UK, Jess witnessed the colossal amount of produce being cast aside for the sake of aesthetics alone. With a drive to help stop this ever-growing problem, Waste Knot was born.

“Crooked carrots? Podgy pears? Awesomely audacious apples? We make the connection between farms with produce with quirks and those wanting to buy and use it.”

Jess Latchford on Farm

Jess will be talking about sustainability and food waste on our Sustainable Gastronomy Day Panel & Supper on 18th June 2019 – Not to be missed.


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