Winter Magazine Showcase

We were delighted to showcase so many inspiring stories from these fabulous women in the food industry and you can read more about them in our Winter Magazine for free.

Charlotte Bennett takes time out of her busy worklife as Food Stylist, Content Curator and Managing Director of Healing Manor Hotel to talk about her journey into food and the ethos behind her ongoing successes

“There is definitely more of a tendency for women to nurture a team. We are very much at a place in society where teams need to be nurtured and guided.”

Louise Wagstaffe has worked in the food industry in chef, development, sales, and management roles. She shares a fascinating lifetime of experiences.

“I’m proud to be a chef. The last 30 years has been an exciting time to be in the British food scene. I’m not saying it’s all been easy. A lot of it has been hard work. There have been early mornings, late nights, and times when I’ve had to dig deep. As a woman in this industry, well, let’s just say that some kitchens in the 1990’s weren’t at the forefront of political correctness.”

Andrea Deutschmanek, Lamb Weston’s International Marketing Lead Northern Europe, is a shining light in foodservice marketing. Fresh from the triumph of the multiple-award* winning ‘perfect pub chip’ The Dukes of Chippingdom, which she worked on from start to fi nish, Andrea shares insights into what it takes to be a winner.

We spoke to Andrea Jessop, CEO of Moo Free Chocolates to discover more about her background and how she set up her “free-from” chocolate company.

Emilia A. Leese, co-author of Think Like a Vegan writes essays on life, travel and veganism for a variety of online publications, and is closely involved in a rewilding project in the Scottish Highlands.

“On the part of food makers in any sector, this understanding is important because it helps to know one’s customers to better tailor menus and product offerings, irrespective of the ultimate ethical choice by the food maker. And if that knowledge ultimately leads to a shift in others’ ethical choices, then that’s certainly a win for everyone.”

Nicola Matthews, UK Marketing Manager of Tony’s Chocolonely discuss Tony’s story and mission to make the chocolate industry a fairer place, who she finds inspiring in the food and business world and how she markets the product with no above-the-line advertising.

“Number one market share isn’t our goal, what’s more important is working to make slave-free chocolate the norm.”

If you have a story to tell please get in touch with us as our purpose is to celebrate and champion all women in the food industry.

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