thefoodpeople In Conversation with Mex Ibrahim co-founder of Women in The Food Industry

The In Conversation With… podcast series by thefoodpeople (a global trends & ideas agency) features people, businesses, brands and entrepreneurs from across the food & drink world – finding out more about why they do what they do, their purpose, how they see the future and how, in their way, they are championing change and shifting the future of food & drink. Our co-founder Mex Ibrahim was delighted to feature this month to speak to thefoodpeople’s co-founder Charles Banks about addressing equality within the industry and how our organisation trailblazes women in food.

In this Podcast with Mex Ibrahim & Charles Banks they talk about….

– The obstacles that need to be removed to drive towards equality
– How the landscape has shifted over the years – attitudes are changing…
– How collaboration is better than competition – the roles men can play to get involved
– What’s next for Women In The Food Industry – how you can find out more and join in!

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Mecca Ibrahim and Charles Banks on what’s next for the food industry

Prior to the podcast in March 2024, Mex and Charles were also in conversation together at IFE, International Food & Drink Event the UK’s largest event for product sourcing. They were filmed in a partnership with ITN BusinessFood & Drink Powers our Nation.  “The food and drink industry has evolved greatly, due to technological advances and innovation, keeping pace with a growing consumer demand. But what is next on the horizon and how do we maintain a workforce that can navigate what’s to come.”

Mex and Charles discuss the evolution of the food industry, top trends, and how the next generation can foster continuous innovation.  You can watch their conversation here.

You may also like to read our feature on The BBC Food and Farming Awards 2023: We celebrate the Winners, or Women in The FoodTech 500: Industry Insights featuring our co-founder Mex Ibrahim or listen to our Women in The Food Industry podcasts.

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