Introducing Stitches In Time’s Food Enterprise Project

Stitches in Time is a community arts, education and enterprise charity based in East London. They are launching an exciting new Food Enterprise Project with Bangladeshi women in Tower Hamlets from September to December this year.  The aim is to practically support innovative & creative ideas to help into employment people living in a borough with the greatest levels of inequality in the country. We are delighted to help them with their mission to demonstrate that Bengali women too can work in the food industry.  Find out more in an introductory video we helped to produce with Aida Khan of Shola Kitchen.

Stitches in Time

Much like the values of our Women in the Food Industry, the Stitches in Time food project aims to raise the profile of women in the industry by raising awareness of opportunities, addressing challenges, and celebrating achievements. Over the course of the project the charity aims to run street food market stalls, cater for private events, provide cooking lessons, and finally set up the first women run curry house pop-up on Brick Lane!

Their project has been designed for and by Bangladeshi women from the local area, who are incredible chefs with a wealth of knowledge about Bangladeshi cuisine.  With so much of the nation’s focus on South Asian cuisine, plus with the London skills shortages surrounding Brexit we applaud the project for wanting to explore the many business opportunities now available to those wanting to turn their passion into a career.

Watch this space to find out more about their project and how we are working with Aida Khan and many other chefs and cooks including  Angela Malik, Dina Begum, Rukia Begum, Lorna Nanda Gangotra, Urvashi Roe and more on a series of workshops to highlight their work, empower women who are clearly great cooks but may currently lack the skills and business know-how to develop their talents.

You can find out more about Stitches in Time on their website and follow them on Twitter  @StitchesinTime_ or Instagram @stitchesintime_ here. 

Thanks so much to Aida Khan for her time with the video.  You can catch up with our interview with Aida Khan about setting up her new restaurant in White City Place and how her family were involved in the process. 

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