Share your food photos on Foodie Fridays

Since we are a community of food lovers we thought it would be fun to share with each other what we’ve been making each week. It might be your favourite dish, a new one or even a disaster. Don’t know about you, but here at WIFI HQ we are always curious to find out what each other have been up to in the kitchen. It’s good to share, chat and discover new recipes and be inspired isn’t it?

Apparently according to one study, sharing food images on social media makes the food taste better, because taking snaps makes the brain concentrate more on the smell and taste of the food. The researchers found picture-taking seemed to change the way the brain perceives food and increases the craving for more calories.

Memories of food are so powerful because they are not just about the food they are about the occasion and the people just as food is not just about nutrition it’s about pleasure and love.

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