Master Chef 2019 celebrates all female final

In a historic all-female finale MasterChef Final, one of the first things the champion did on hearing of her win was offer to share the trophy with the two runners-up.

Retired banker Irini Tzortzoglou won this year’s MasterChef – and quickly said she has no plans to start a new career running a restaurant. Irini was particularly pleased to have been in the show’s first all-female final and said she wished she could have shared her trophy with her fellow finalists Jilly McCord and Delia Maria Asser.

She said: “It happened so quickly that I felt all the final that the three of us were like one. We were all doing our own thing, but actually we were in unison – so my instinctive reaction was: ‘Can I share it? Can I share it with my friends?'”

Irini continued: “We are just lucky we are three women who love and respect each other and have grown to be very fond and appreciative of each other’s talents.”

Women supporting women is our mantra. We champion all women in food industry and our heartfelt desire is to build a nurturing community and encourage women to help women.

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