Women in The Food Industry: Kelly’s Cause Foundation Offer

Kelly’s Cause Foundation is a charity that aims to create a mentally healthy hospitality industry for all through Mental Health First Aid training, awareness raising, and stigma reduction. Kelly’s Cause was founded in honour of Kelly, a young, talented chef who sadly took her own life at just 23. Women in The Food Industry have teamed up with the foundation to offer a discount off all of their in-house courses.

Tobie-Anna Durk is a professional chef who trained at Le Cordon Bleu London where she met Kelly. Prior to becoming a chef, Tobie-Anna completed a bachelor’s degree majoring in Psychology in her home town of Perth, Australia.

Tobie-Anna Durk

After moving to London in 2016, she pursued her love for cooking and became head chef at the acclaimed Kricket restaurant in Brixton. After the impact of the passing of her close friend Kelly, Tobie-Anna combined her passions of hospitality and mental health, which led her to train as a Mental Health First Aid trainer and create Kelly’s Cause.

Her aim is to honour Kelly’s legacy by making tangible steps towards securing the mental health of all hospitality employees, one Mental Health First Aider at a time.

Kelly’s Cause are excited to be able to deliver their two-day hospitality Mental Health First Aid course in-person again. The first course in October will run on the 19th & 20th of October  and the second on the 26th and 27th of October. Both run from 10am-4pm at 3 Space in Brixton.

Participants on the course will learn practical skills to spot the signs of a number of different mental health issues and develop the confidence needed to support a person in a mental health crisis using the Mental Health First Aid action plan. They’ll also obtain a wealth of resources that can be used to assist others, and develop an understanding of how to look after their own well being while performing their duties as a Mental Health First Aider.

Our members and followers will receive a 20% discount for all Kelly’s Cause courses using the code WIFI. To register or find out more information about the 2 day course click here. They also offer in-house courses for hospitality businesses looking to create a mentally healthy workplace with eight or more staff to train. For more information on these please email hello@kellyscause.com.

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