Jodi Hinds

Award Winning Food photographer who has worked on numerous cookbooks and publications, narrating food stories and documenting the artistry of the chef behind each dish.

Jodi Hinds is a food photographer working with editorial, publishers and restaurateurs. Jodi has worked on numerous cookbooks and publications.

ā€˜Iā€™m thrilled to be part of Women In the Food Industry and alongside such strong, talented visionaries. Whether creating dishes, capturing it on camera or consuming it, there are many stories to tell about food feeding our stomachs and souls!ā€™

said Jodi Hinds

Her work reveals a love of texture and form, a celebration of good food and rigorous attention to detail.


Jodi will be featuring in an afternoon of inspiring stories from a line up of powerful women in the food and drink industry. We will discuss the panellists’ amazing stories and how they were able to turn their lives around with opportunities that came their way.

We’ll also explore any particular issues our panel faced as women in the food industry and how they hope for change going forward.

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