Hannah McCollum

Hannah McCollum – Founder of ChicP – creating innovative hummus dips from surplus and imperfect vegetables to support British farmers, help to create a circular economy and prevent food waste.

Over the last nine years, Hannah has cooked for cooked for catering and events companies and as a private chef in the UK and Europe.  She would often convert leftover Ottolenghi type salads into dips for the next meal. Nearly every day the families she cooked for would ask  “what’s the dip of the day Hannah”?! Also having witnessed the colossal amounts of food waste at catering events, she felt driven to respond.

Hannah decided to combine her creative cooking and eagerness to help prevent food waste, into the idea of healthy, punchy vegetable hummus made from surplus vegetables.

As the old saying goes – “waste not want not…!”  Hannah had an overriding determination and passion to change the way we approach cooking and food waste and so ChicP was created in January 2016.

ChicP Products

Using rejected or unsold vegetables from UK markets and wholesalers, Hannah was able to produce tasty and nutritious hummus that people really like, and avoid waste.

ChicP hummus is made from raw vegetables, adding extra nutritional benefits. All the products are free from gluten, dairy and sugar. The UK (and U.S.) consumer market is currently experiencing a huge trend in the revival of high-protein-low-carbohydrate dips and ‘free-from’ foods and ChicP is right on trend!

Hannah McCollum ChicP Photo Shoot

ChicP is now available in a variety of retailers from farmshops to Amazon Fresh and Ocado. Hannah’s company was also a finalist at The YBF (Young British Foodies) Awards 2017, Trailblazer Winner at Food Vision 2017 and Winner of Best Convenience Food Innovation Award for the World Food Innovation Awards in 2016.

Join Hannah at our Inspiring Urban Female Food Founders panel to discover how she turned her passion for food and vision to combat food waste into an award-winning business. Get your tickets for our panel here.

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