Good News Story: A young farmer’s mission to produce the future’s food by farming with nature

As you may know we have been talking to a number of women in the food industry about how they are handling the lockdown. Bekka Corrie-Close with her husband David founded The Horned Beef Company less than 10 years ago, with no experience of farming. Based on the principles of Farming with Nature, they are passionate about how people should manage our countryside.

On their holding in Cumbria they are producing beef from grasslands where crops won’t grow. In these wild places, they believe it is also their job to make sure that the farm provides homes for wildlife, allows water to behave naturally, and cycles carbon in a way that benefits our climate.  They have a chemical-free, low energy ethos that promotes a future for farming and food. All of this is Farming with Nature and they sell their amazing products online to customers who love to eat the very best quality beef and believe in how they farm.

We spoke to Bekka about how her business is responding to Coronavirus.

How did the lockdown announcement affect you and your business?

David and I have lived and worked together in close quarters for many years so being isolated is the norm for us.

Like everyone else, we are on lockdown but life on the farm goes on.

This past month we have been busy with calving. All our cows live outside, so we have to keep a close eye on them in the fields. The lack of walkers around the farm has been noticeable, but actually quite convenient for calving time!

Once the grass really starts to get away next month, we will have our first beef animals of the year ready to send off. We have had a large number of new subscribers to our mailing list via our website during lockdown so hopefully sales will go well.

What motivated you to take positive action?

I have taken the opportunity during lockdown to engage with a wider audience and share our experiences and day to day activities on the farm via our social media channels.

We have also met new local people out for their daily walk around the farm so it has been great to engage with them, adding to our local customer base.

What are your hopes for your future?

I think that the lockdown has made people seriously think about their food. I hope that people will continue to support their local businesses and buy food directly from producers.

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