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Fancy much more than a nice cup of tea? Want to know more about how tea is produced and taste a huge variety of teas? Interested in getting  immersed in the whole world of tea? Then you’ll love the FesTeaVal.

Last year we had an amazing time at the 2018 FesTeaVal at Chiswick Park and were delighted to hear that the two day show was back again with prac-tea-ly everything you could ever imagine to do with tea. This year on 13th and 14th April 2019 the National Tea Day 2019 FesTeaVal will be hosted at Tobacco Docks, where the historical location will pay homage to the tea smuggling that was prevalent during the 18th Century.

Take a look at the video above to see what happened last year.  The FesTeaVal gives you the opportunity to take part in a number of  ‘Blind Tea Tastings’. There are tea puns aplently as you can  explore how tea is grown in a ‘Virtual Reali-Tea’ experience, plus an Ins-tea-gram wall will display a range of beautiful tea caddies.  You can rebalance with tea and meditation, learn about tea and sustainability or experience the “ultimate modernist afternoon tea”.

Tea Maker at FestTeaVal

Research from The Modern Tea Trends Report says “The appetite for mass-produced low-quality products, is weakening – whilst premium tea is on the rise. Driving this trend is an emphasis on preservation from those entering middle age and most of all a view of teas as a wellness instrument by a young female demographic. All of this together amounts to a tea revolution where hospitality, retail, brands and consumers are now viewing tea in a new way. Much as with coffee and craft beer, tea is evolving in the way it is perceived and consumption habits are changing.”

Brands like T2 have successfully entered the market with a splash of vivid colours and a non-traditional tea mix to make tea a much more vibrant product than it was in the past. Even older traditional tea brands are increasingly investing heavily in making tea more colourful, interesting and having a story. Last summer Twinings invested in a huge advertising  campaign to drive awareness around their cold fruit infusions.

Cooking with matcha tea

In addition to drinking tea there will be a number of activities taking place to show you just what your brew can do. From using tea in your beauty routine to cooking with matcha tea, the show aims to show you that  tea is more than a simple cuppa.

There are dedicated zones to learning about the health and wellness benefits of different teas.  Plus yoga, cycling and a selection of traditional afternoon teas to enjoy, hopefully you’ll come away feeling truly immersed in the modern world of tea.

We have a 25% discount off a day ticket price of £15.00 (price on the door is £22.00). Please use the code 25NTDOFF when you book at FesTeaVal and be part of the U.K’s biggest celebration of tea  13th – 14th April 2019.

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