Bettina Campolucci

Plant Based & Gluten Free Chef |  Wellness Entrepreneur | Influencer

Brought up across several cultures by a Norwegian father and Danish-Bulgarian mother, cooking has remained a constant pleasure in Bettina’s life.

She runs Bettina’s Kitchen, a business that incorporates her blog, recipes, retreats, and workshops.

Bettina’s personal health journey has been a bit part of her journey towards healthy and happy food. She has recently launched her first recipe book, Happy Food, which encourages inventive plant-based cooking that can easily be incorporated into busy schedules.

With a background in the health travel industry, Bettina pioneers food that is meat free, refined sugar free and gluten free. She believes that food is meant to make us happy and is set to change the misconceptions that vegan cuisine is boring, expensive and time consuming.

Bettina’s philosophy to cooking is to simplify: use simple, good quality ingredients. Buy as much local and seasonal produce as possible: it tastes better and you support your local community. Being able to rustle up a meal, quickly and without fuss: time is something we have less and less of so this is important.


Hear how food changed Bettina’s life on our Saturday event How Food Changed My Life or see her in action in our ‘Women in Food and Drink tasting experience’ on Monday or catch her celebrating International Women’s Day in our final event. #IWD19

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