Anita Kerai

Presenter for Return to Kenya on Amazon Prime Video and author of cookbook Flavours of Kenya

Anita’s passion and love for cooking has been there since she was a child growing up in Kenya and at the beginning of 2017, she took the plunge to turn my dream into a reality.

Food for her is a celebration; it gives her the opportunity to explore new ingredients, to share and connect with her family and friends, and to break up the daily routine. Being in the kitchen allows her to de-stress, listen to music, think of my travels and, most of all, and be free.

Her motto is ‘Have fun whilst cooking’ – You don’t need to create a masterpiece, simple food made with few ingredients is always the best.”  Find out more at Anita’s Kitchen

Anita will be joining us on our Do Good with Food Panel

We will explore what working with food can teach us. What can we discover from our elders? What can we pass on to younger people? We will consider the answers to these questions and much more during the event.

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