Anastasia Emanuel & Amelia Christie-Miller

Anastasia Emanuel & Amelia Christie-Miller  from Foodchain

Anastasia has always been a lover of food, however, she has only been a Woman in Food for the last 2 years. 

Before Foodchain, Anastasia made waves in everything from platforms to creative marketplaces, becoming an expert online content, growth and marketing; she speaks regularly at tech conferences and is considered a thought leader in her field. 

She launched Indiegogo in Europe, the crowdfunding platform where she was in the very hub of where new disruptive businesses flourish; so, the bringing together of her love of food and her 10 years of start-up tech experience together for Foodchain, was a sweet meeting of her skill and passion.

Amelia worked as a private chef during university, spending summers in Mallorca and winter weekends in the Scottish Highlands. After graduating, she went straight into a job at The Bread Factory bakery working in Sales and Business Development, meeting chefs and learning what makes them tick. She joined Foodchain two years ago and took on the marketing, learning from and working with Anastasia to help grow Foodchain’s network, which considering they have over 450 restaurant customers, must be going pretty well. She’s passionate about sustainability and will be frequently seen getting overexcited about a new olive oil grower.

Foodchain is a simple idea that’s helping to connect chefs directly with producers, changing the way food buying is done to create a fair, functioning and sustainable food system. No more ordering from ten different places, no more opening of multiple accounts, with credit checks each time, and crucially, the ability to work with suppliers of all shapes and sizes; from a single farmer in the Devonshire countryside rearing hormone free, slowly reared ducks, to a reliable urban grower: its all together in one place with their online ordering system and app. If you’re a chef, download their app on iOS or Android.

Foodchain cuts out the number of unnecessary middlemen in our food system, reducing food miles and giving us greater transparency for where our food comes from. This means farmers, when they have an excess of a certain product, are able to share this quickly with the numerous chefs within Foodchain’s network. This feature has put products such as wonky veg and pullet eggs, perfectly delicious products which go to waste in the current industrial food system, on chefs’ menus.

Rosalind Rathouse and her team from Cookery School Little Portland Street will be using some of this amazing “unwanted” produce for our Sustainable Gastronomy Day Panel & Supper, where both Anastasia and Amelia will be joining us on the panel – book your place here!

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