Alex Head

Having worked her way up in an industry that favours the resilient, built a little black book of contacts that Alex can draw on for support and learnt from every mistake that she’s made en route; the rebellious nature of her teenage years has found an outlet in the contemporary and disruptive menus that she creates today.

The transformative effect on the ex-offenders she has taken under her wing is clear to see and the respect she has for her team is undoubtedly reciprocated.

She is a true innovator in the event and catering space. Alex’s Soane’s Kitchen in Ealing is a gorgeous all-day dining restaurant for fresh, seasonal and delicious food. It is part of Alex’s business Social Pantry, a catering company with 5 sites in London; including a cool little cafe in Battersea.

Alex will be talking about her background and creating opportunities through food in  our Doing Good with Food panel on Wednesday – Not to be missed.

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