Wise Words
Being a woman in the food industry can be challenging – so what advice would you offer, or what advice have you been given in the past?

Follow your heart

“I followed my heart to get into this career and the best way to develop myself and to continue progressing is to continue to follow my heart.” Amber Francis | Chef at Chefs In Schools | Great British Menu 2023 | Best Young Chef... Read More

Yes you can!

"In a nutshell it would be “Yes you can”. Because in the early days of being untrained, and wondering if I could ever do what I’d always dreamt of doing, I did wonder if I would ever get to do... Read More

Resilience is incredibly important!

"Resilience is incredibly important, determination and hard work. It’s important for me to support the next generation of young women to make it through so that we stop having this conversation. It’s all good having 50% of the team being... Read More

The strength of community

“The strength of community is everything! Our power is in each other. Sharing our knowledge, our passion and skill is vital.” Andi Oliver TV Chef, presenter, author & radio broadcaster  ... Read More

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