Let others learn from your experiences, and help us highlight the real life challenges of working as a woman in the food industry.

From good to great

After years of hard work, I opened her restaurant and it soon became a success with numerous media appearances to follow. I have often been asked about the place of women in the culinary world, and what may be holding... Read More

Fitting in and standing out

I was working as a pastry chef at a fine dining restaurant, although I had experience working as a sous chef on the hot side of the kitchen as well. I am a tall, broad-shouldered woman of mixed racial ancestry... Read More

There's a girl in my kitchen

I was a young executive chef (23) juggling my new position heading the kitchen at a small, bistro-style restaurant with completing my training. Finding the time for work and school demands wasn’t my major source of stress, however. My biggest... Read More

For the love of good bread

" I thought my life was mapped out; I was going to be an IT Project Manager in London. This macho environment tipped me over the edge with my anxiety and depression. Then my husband, Joe and I moved to Lancaster. I... Read More

My two great passions, food and TV

"Growing up in the 1980s with a mother who was an exceptional cook and a father who relished eating out, my brothers and I fell in love with good food – little did I know that this would help give... Read More

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