Well, it’s been quite a year hasn’t it?

As we roll into 2023 it’s good to discover new products from Women in the Food Industry

“Our blossoming business, is far and away the leading light bone broth on Amazon/online as well as a growing force within discerning London food halls and a growing resurgence of indie delis that criss-cross our island. Thankfully food health and nutritional wealth has never been so prominent within consumer minds as they are today, which helps explains why speciality food providers like us have been able to build such ardent, loyalist followings.”

Take Stock founder, Jess Higgins

Colette is a nutritionist on a mission, to make Seriously Low Carb the everyday face of Britain’s snowballing ketogenic movement.

“At the heart of our success was sourcing a number of cutting-edge ingredients and embracing new small batch practices that has allowed us to catapult ahead of our category peers.’

Seriously Low Carb Head of Product Development, Colette Warren

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